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We are wet – The ground is saturated.

Published on by Markdale Admin.

It hasn’t stopped raining. If that wasn’t enough to saturate the ground, we have had record snow in July, which, as it slowly melted, made even the ridges impassable to vehicles. The rain and snow brought other problems. We have been lambing and it was not an encouraging entry into the world for lambs arriving in these conditions. The…

Easter Rain & Great Market Outlook

Published on by Markdale Admin.

In spite of Hanrahan’s ‘Well all be rooned‘ it seems like his optimistic verses are most applicable at present.   It’s been a long time coming, nearly twenty years, but the bush in the South East can foresee boom times again and we certainly need them! Two inches of rain over Easter, still record mutton and beef…

A Wonderful Autumn – But

Published on by Markdale Admin.

It has turned out to be the best Autumn I have ever seen on the Southern Tablelands. After the blistering hot few weeks in Summer followed by an early break, the rain has kept coming just in time to keep the grass growing and Markdale looks an absolute picture as does most of the area….

Drought or a Wonderful Autumn?

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You will be glad I missed the Summer comment. It was hotter for longer than we have ever known and panic began to set in as we ordered sheep nuts and hay. Then, as it does when you have committed feed orders, it started raining two weeks ago and has been raining off and on…

Winter at Markdale

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The Southern Tablelands Winter A wet winter has now arrived – not as cold as usual, so still some growth in the warmer, lower parts of Markdale. Luckily our autumn lambing was almost over when the really wet weather arrived, because a lamb’s chances of survival are reduced if it starts life on a wet…

Financial Review Letter

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The collapse in livestock prices this year led to one of my very rare forays into print, which the AFR headed with a cartoon see below. Luckily, we farmers are used to being laughed at. PETA, please don’t flame me – we have stopped mulesing “The recent contradictory media stories focusing on Australia becoming “the…

Markdale Autumn

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The Southern Tablelands Autumn Autumn, this year, has been nerve wracking. It started off with just enough rain to give us a green shoot, tortured us with dribbles of rain, which managed to keep some of it alive, then dumped 45 mm, most of which ran off, then tortured us again before really turning wet,…