pine bluff

Trinity Grammar

Accommodation for Trinity Grammar Families

For many years we have been accommodating Trinity Grammar families attending the Pine Bluff parents weekend.


We are the closest Bed and Breakfast to Pine Bluff and offer accommodation for up to 24 people.


When making booking enquiries please use this email contact form and mention you are going to Pine Bluff, as for you only we offer the alternative of booking individual rooms in the Four Bedroom Stone House and Shearers’ Quarters and free provisions for continental breakfasts, for these weekends.


The Two Bedroom Stone House can only be booked as a whole and can be booked online. The other accommodation is much cheaper, if booked as a whole, but if you would prefer to book a room the prices are, per room:

Four Bedroom Stone House:

En Suite Room $220
All Other Rooms $180

Shearers’ Quarters:

All Rooms $100


However please book early to avoid disappointment as there is relatively little accommodation offered in this area.