Astronomy at Markdale


Being away from the city one of the great things about Markdale is the starry sky at night.


The combination of the hills around Markdale and its distance from the light pollution in Sydney or Canberra also makes it a great place for observing stars, planets and other astronomical eye candy.


The only thing that would make it even better is a selection of some of the biggest portable telescopes around and a knowledgeable astronomical enthusiast to guide you.


And that’s exactly what you have with Lachlan MacDonald from OzSky  annually at Markdale, complete with a whole range of telescopes up to 30″ in diameter.


Places are limited for the OzSky ‘Southern Spring’ Safari week and other events – find out more here about OzSky events.


If you are enthusiastic about astronomy OzSky at Markdale is a must. Check out the  OzSky 2015 Markdale pictures.


[Credits: Photo of the Milky Way with the Markdale shearing shed on the horizon at the top of the page by Lachlan MacDonald]